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1 June 2020lara

Greetings! I am going to outline the uses, benefits and tips of how to use the flax & seaweed Tamer.
This hybrid, versatile product was hard to name, although it has a slippery gel consistency, it has some oils too and certainly seals ends of hair prolonging them splitting just as a serum would. It has been a recipe that I have adapted and worked on for the last two years.
(Ingredients are at the bottom of the page)

First it was plain old flax gel, which was great in itself. The recipe is simple enough to make at home and I shared it with many of you. It has become well known online, and some of you had already heard of it in natural hair forums or on curly pages. Some people use it as a natural lubricant alternative too, and some people who follow the Curly Method commonly use over-counter lubricants as a leave-in treatment (the ingredients are gentle obviously!) and it actually works quite effectively! So there you go..!

However, discovering the collagen rich "Irish moss" seaweed extract was a total game changer! It is the closest thing to a commercial silicone I have found, that can come from a completely raw edible ingredient once boiled in water. Magical mermaid hair go! It seems to be suitable for all hair types in one way or another too. Uses include: Styling and hold, finishing the ends & moisturising treatment.

The KEY to achieving the right result with ANY product is HOW you use it. Many people use far more than they actually need, with everything, shampoo, oils, conditioner etc. SO I have decided to give you my TOP TIPS for all the different ways I use it!

1) To begin with...Always apply a small amount (1/4-1/2 tsp OR a couple of pea sized blobs) into your hands and spread on hands first, always! Apply to hair, then repeat as needed.

2) To make it last even longer, you can "reactivate" product by giving it a spritz with some water the next day (preferably non-tap water, see ALL other posts for why) and reworking the hair again, either scrunching/twisting/smoothing.
If you applied too much product or did it unevenly, you can do this to spread the product out a bit more or give it a very quick rinse, but don't completely get rid of it.

2) You can apply just as you would any normal hair GEL i.e scrunch or smooth throughout hair. This can be done when hair is damp or dry, see what works best for you. On dry hair it can leave a bit of a coating/film, but if you spritz it down and smooth over a few times it should disappear.

3) For finer hair types use minimally, don't overload it. You can use the tiniest bit as you would a serum for the very tips of your hair to just seal them off and help split ends.

4) You CAN brush it out of your hair somewhat, it will not leave a sticky tangly mess like most gels, its seems to just absorb eventually (it might not if you have low porosity hair, porous hair WILL eat it up and require more product.
Curly followers do a thing they call "scrunch the crunch" when the hair goes crispy/stiff from gel and you wet your hands a bit and scrunch it all through again to soften!

5) If you have straight hair, like me, you can get a really nice "set" with it that will hold a curl for several days! This is partly due to the proteins as well, and generally when you do something to damp hair and leave it to dry it holds better.
I wash hair, then wait until it is about 60-80% dry, then brush it into sections and apply a couple of pea-sizes on each section, brush it through...then twist & pin, braid, headband wrap, buns, rollers or however you get your hair wavy/curly. This needs to be done quickly before the gel dries. I usually sleep on mine, or blast a bit with hairdryer if in a rush.

6) Sometimes I use a teeny bit as a primer for make up.

7) Noticeably softer hands after using at work all the time, so quite moisturising...also has strengthened my nails.

8) Occasionally I use it as a bit of a cleanser like a co-wash.

9) Finally, be weary of combining with too many other products and overloading/weighing down the hair. Try it on its own first, it can be combined with a little hair oil too. The lighter coverage the better and bouncier the hair will be!


So, there it is...the different ways that I use the gel.

Remember that it does contain some protein, some hair does not like too much protein, it can cause brittleness. This should be ok if as advised, apply sparingly once or twice a week.

If you are going to put anything on your face, even natural stuff, you should patch test first a small area, maybe on your neck/jaw to check that you are not allergic.

You can make your own pure seaweed gel or flax gel at home very easily. I shall post again soon about the best way to use seaweeds and prepare them. Plus, later in the year I shall be opening an apothecary mini-shop at the salon so that you can buy your own RAW INGREDIENTS (such as seaweed) & recipes to make yourself nutritious hair extracts & treats at home!
Here is a pic of when I first ever made some seaweed gel, I left a little in the pot and it peeled off like cling wrap, surprisingly strong & shiny! Imagine this lightly wrapping and hugging your hair all the time! Dreamy 🙂


Water, Flaxseed, Irish moss Seaweed, Eco-silk, Neopres, D-Panthenol, Xantham Gum.

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