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Tame the Mane is a revolutionary hair space for people who want a totally new experience. We have focussed on hair health with a preference for all natural products, sharing our knowledge and recipes so you can make your own hair food at home.

When I first imagined the salon I knew my first priority was to provide an alternative, calming and nurturing space for people who feel uneasy in salons. Somewhere you feel listened to and not judged. We welcome people from all backgrounds, all religions (we provide hijab discretion upon request) and all hair types, with an aim to create a unifying environment where every individual and human diversity is embraced.

We love learning about cultures and feel passionately about the arts, education and herbalism. We provide books, ambient music (we hope), an array of art, a selection of herbal teas and our knowledge…which we love to receive as well!

What we do

If you are following a No-poo routine or are a Curly Girl we offer cleansing washes (herbs and clays) and co-washes (eco-friendly options) to suit leave your hair soft and nourished. Unlike most salons, we LOVE working with curly hair! We use specific techniques that work with the curl, rather than against it, sculpting and carving your hair to create beautiful shapes that you will love. For colour we feel it is important to provide different options. Whether it be a completely natural treatment or a more commercial style using our gentler, vegan friendly brands, we will talk through in depth before choosing your best path. We love chatting to our clients about their journeys and offer our advice if it is not working out too. Your hair reflects you!

Mirror Options

Our slightly unconventional mirrors policy: You can choose to have the mirror or not, or for certain parts of the process. We have found that a vast majority of you prefer NOT to have the mirror unveiled during the cutting. There are many reasons why we do this and which is a whole topic in itself. However, it is primarily for your comfort so if you DO want the mirror at any part of the process, please do let us know!


Fascinated by ancient natural hair care practices and recognising the lack of these services in Bristol, or even the UK, Tame the Mane’s founder, Lara felt a desire to open a salon where these ancient practices are deep within the salon’s ethos. There has been a particularly negative stigma attached to natural products within the hair industry, which thankfully seems to be changing with the surge of people becoming more aware of environmental and health risks associated with conventional products. Our Bristol salon hopes that with the advice given by the salon’s passionate stylists they can help people to make those small but powerful changes.

Olivia - Google

“Probably the best hair cut I've had in a decade, and the most comfortable I've ever felt having a cut. I was so impressed by the wonderful atmosphere and professionalism of this salon.”

Jo - Google

“It's rare that you get to say that someone is doing something truly innovative. This is a totally different experience to the usual salon and all for the good.”

Sarah - Google

“Best haircut I've had in years. Would highly recommend. Loads of tips for haircare and they really listened to what I wanted, made notes and double checked the pictures I had brought along.”

Ginny - Google

“I don't normally leave reviews, but after today, I just had to. This was the best haircut of my life. No joke. I've tried so many salons that Bristol has to offer,  but none of them come close to Tame The Mane and their sustainable ethos and curl knowledge. I have found my hairdresser for life, and couldn't be happier.”

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