26 March 2018
Hair Hacks

A list of hints and tips to keep your hair in tip top condition.  Treat it like the finest antique lace. Don't rub at it super hard with a towel, just pat and squeeze. Don't overdo heat, look into wrapping your hair up in a t-shirt or a scarf and leaving it to dry like […]

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21 February 2018
Oat Conditioner

An easy peasy one here! Next time you make some porridge, make a bit extra if you like and put a portion to one side for your hair and skin to thank you later. You would want to sieve out the bigger bits 🙂   For 500ml of water, take around 6 Tablespoons of porridge […]

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16 February 2018
Cuticle Talk

By FAY BURNS CUTICLE TALK - Long post so get comfy. We have had a lot of conversations in the salon about breakage and hair thinning so I thought I would write a little bit about the structure of the hair. There are many reason why hair seems to be dropping or breaking significantly. *DISCLAIMER* […]

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8 February 2018

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

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Olivia - Google

“Probably the best hair cut I've had in a decade, and the most comfortable I've ever felt having a cut. I was so impressed by the wonderful atmosphere and professionalism of this salon.”

Jo - Google

“It's rare that you get to say that someone is doing something truly innovative. This is a totally different experience to the usual salon and all for the good.”

Sarah - Google

“Best haircut I've had in years. Would highly recommend. Loads of tips for haircare and they really listened to what I wanted, made notes and double checked the pictures I had brought along.”

Ginny - Google

“I don't normally leave reviews, but after today, I just had to. This was the best haircut of my life. No joke. I've tried so many salons that Bristol has to offer,  but none of them come close to Tame The Mane and their sustainable ethos and curl knowledge. I have found my hairdresser for life, and couldn't be happier.”

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