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We use a combination of our 100% natural products alongside some naturally based, cruelty free products we buy through well researched, ethical companies. Below are just some of the lovely natural and vegan friendly products we use and sell at Tame the Mane. 

Eliah Sahil, Living Naturally, Nirvana Naturals, Weleda, Only Curls & more


For WASHING the hair during services we provide several options for varying hair types which range from using natural clays and powders for people who want to go all in and see how nature provides us with all we some very mild and gentle vegan shampoos.

The shampoos we stock use very few or no sulphates or preservatives and are suitable for pets and children. We also stock plastic free shampoo cubes and bars from UK based companies.

If you are a “no-pooer” (one who does not use shampoo) we have many wonderful options and advice for you on your journey.

For people with curly hair or prefer to co-wash, we also have this option in the salon.


For CONDITIONING your locks we have lots of yummy treatments including our fresh flax and seaweed gel. This gel is like magic, it not only works inside the hair shaft as a protein treatment to strengthen the hair, it also leaves it soft and shiny working as a serum on the outside of the hair. Further to this we use organic oils and apple cider vinegar to return the hair to it’s perfect PH after leaving it soft and shiny.

We also have a beautiful conditioning treatment ‘Hmilk’ by Oway (our organic colour care system) that helps to rebuild the hairs bonds during and after colouring the hair. As well as stocking K18 for hair that is in need of rescue.

As an experimental salon, we are always testing out new products to see how they work so you may be lucky enough to experience beautiful new conditioning treatments while you are with us!


At Tame the Mane we keep styling to a minimum, just using enough product to help the hair be calm and sit in it own beautiful way after a cut. For this we have some gorgeous homemade products including the aforementioned flax and Irish Moss seaweed gel, homemade wax, salt sprays and natural oil serums. Again, if we find ethical companies that sell products we approve of we will have them to hand to try too!

Olivia - Google

“Probably the best hair cut I've had in a decade, and the most comfortable I've ever felt having a cut. I was so impressed by the wonderful atmosphere and professionalism of this salon.”

Jo - Google

“It's rare that you get to say that someone is doing something truly innovative. This is a totally different experience to the usual salon and all for the good.”

Sarah - Google

“Best haircut I've had in years. Would highly recommend. Loads of tips for haircare and they really listened to what I wanted, made notes and double checked the pictures I had brought along.”

Ginny - Google

“I don't normally leave reviews, but after today, I just had to. This was the best haircut of my life. No joke. I've tried so many salons that Bristol has to offer,  but none of them come close to Tame The Mane and their sustainable ethos and curl knowledge. I have found my hairdresser for life, and couldn't be happier.”

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