21 March 2022
Seminar to Download - Hair & Plant Alchemy!

Back in November I did a seminar on Zoom with Faye, my colleague, all about Hair Herbalism. Big up Faye, she is amazing! Here is her website for Live Intuitively She arranged it all and had plenty of people interested as she has her own business as an Ayurvedic Life Coach (Tame the Mane is her […]

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21 March 2022
Download my Booklet: Intro to Hair Herbals

Please find below a download link for a PDF of my first publication (which is copyrighted). I am happy to share my knowledge for free, as I believe education should be free. I keep a copy of this in the salon for people to browse too. They can purchase a copy for a small fee […]

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2 November 2021
Review: Zerolla Hair Bars

I came across these via my local whole food wholesalers Essential. Having tried so many shampoo and conditioner bars that I was dissatisfied with, I almost completely missed these and didn’t bother. However out of curiosity I looked up the ingredients, just in case there was a worthy list for me to try out something […]

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17 August 2021
Mysterious Shampoo BARS

Shampoo bars! They come up in conversation a lot. Either as a proud declaration of being “green/natural/eco” because “I use a shampoo bar”. OR I get told “I used one for a bit but didn’t get on with it” upon further probing it is always because of this mysterious waxy/dirty feel they leave. Let me […]

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1 June 2020
Mane Tamer - How to

Uses, benefits and how to use Irish Moss and Flaxseed Gel

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4 March 2020
GUIDE 1: Shampooing & Cleansing Hair

The holy squeezy bottle's nozzle will change your whole hair washing experience & routine. by Me. Please take what I say here as a guide, you do not HAVE to do any of this, or even do it every time you wash your hair. However, if you do lots of these things regularly, your hair […]

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25 October 2019
Something in the water...

Hello everyone! I have been doing some more research about HARD water, my favourite topic, as many of you know. So thought I would write a post 🙂 Since a swimming session last summer I have been suffering with dry, itchy, flaky scalp for the first time in my life. I put it down to […]

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27 July 2019
Going Back to the Roots

Here is a copy of the pamphlet I keep in the salon! Click on the link below to access PDF and print out your own copy if you wish. Tame the Mane pamphlet2019 Enjoy! - Lara

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3 July 2018
Fine Hair Guide

Fine haired peeps, this one goes out to you. Fine hair refers to the diameter of the strand. You can have very little fine hair, or lots of it. All of the info I am about to give would also work well with thicker hair, but with a few adaptations here and there, and larger […]

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26 May 2018
The "Beautiful" world of Hairdressing

Hairdresser or Hair Stylist or Hair Artist, whatever you want to call them and no matter how you call them, the stereotypes and connotations around this industry are interesting. Superficial, shallow, stupid, bimbo, fake, bitchy. I personally have my own prejudices that I am trying to work through. I have often struggled within the community […]

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“Best haircut I've had in years. Would highly recommend. Loads of tips for haircare and they really listened to what I wanted, made notes and double checked the pictures I had brought along.”

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“I don't normally leave reviews, but after today, I just had to. This was the best haircut of my life. No joke. I've tried so many salons that Bristol has to offer,  but none of them come close to Tame The Mane and their sustainable ethos and curl knowledge. I have found my hairdresser for life, and couldn't be happier.”

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